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TechBroker Privacy Policy

Last Updated: June 26, 2018

TechBroker operates a business-to-business website that facilitates transactions and communications between TechBroker members.  From time to time, TechBroker collects personal information of individuals who own, operate, or are employed by businesses that use TechBroker’s services or may be interested in becoming members of the TechBroker community.  TechBroker only collects personal information necessary to operate its business, provide the information and services TechBroker members and users request, or comply with TechBroker’s legal obligations. 

This privacy policy describes the personal information TechBroker collects, how TechBroker uses that personal information, and the rights of individuals to control use of their personal information by TechBroker. 

Privacy and data protection rights change frequently and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  TechBroker and its members also make frequent changes to their business processes and practices.  Thus, TechBroker may update or change this policy from time-to-time to address changes in law or business practices affecting processing of personal information by TechBroker or on the TechBroker site. 

Important Definitions

To fully understand the information covered by this privacy policy, it is very important for users to understand that there is a difference between “company information” and “personal information.”  

  • Company information is information about the companies that do business (or may do business in the future) on the TechBroker site, including such information as the company’s name, address, business description, and records of business transactions conducted on the site.Company information is not covered by this privacy policy, unless the company information also is personal information.


  • Personal information is information about specific identifiable natural persons (human beings) who use the site (or may use the site) in connection with their ownership of or employment by a TechBroker member.Types of personal information that TechBroker collects include name, employer, and contact information.Other types of personal information TechBroker collects are described in the next section below.

While it is discouraged, we are aware that TechBroker members may choose to allow several employees or company representatives to use a single user account on the TechBroker site.  In such cases, the information shared on the TechBroker site generally will be treated as “company information” not subject to this privacy policy, unless a user can establish to TechBroker’s reasonable satisfaction that specific information disclosed to TechBroker through the shared account relates to a specific identifiable person.  Consistent with applicable law, the burden of proof in such cases is on the individual user who asserts information in a shared account is “personal information.”

Personal Information TechBroker Collects

TechBroker collects personal information related to its business-to-business services.  The types of personal information collected by TechBroker include information provided by individuals (“data subjects”) and information provided by others about data subjects, including:

  • Account Registration Information.Information provided by or about a data subject when registering a TechBroker account, including name, email address, telephone number, physical address, and other similar information.


  • Transaction Information.Information relating to the listing and sale of any goods or services on the TechBroker website by an individual user, including goods and services offered by TechBroker or by a TechBroker member.


  • Customer Service Communications.Information provided to TechBroker in connection with user requests for customer service, including issues relating to goods and services offered by TechBroker or a TechBroker member.


  • Website Log Information.Information collected when a data subject visits the TechBroker website, including user name, time stamp, ip address, operating system, browser, and screen resolution.


  • Other Sources of Information.From time to time, TechBroker may collect information about a specific data subject from other sources, such as trade shows, social media, or other sources not within the control of TechBroker.Such information may be collected for any lawful purpose relating to TechBroker’s business, including sales and marketing.


How TechBroker Uses Personal Information

TechBroker uses personal information solely in connection with its business, including:

  • Opening and maintaining accounts that allow use of the products and services offered by TechBroker;


  • Providing products and services to members and users, including the ability to execute transactions and participate in online forums;


  • Providing information to other members for the purpose of facilitating transactions and communications between and among members, including via XML data feeds;


  • Responding to customer service requests;


  • Improving existing products and services;


  • Developing new products and services;


  • Marketing TechBroker products and services;


  • Protecting TechBroker, its members and users, by helping to detect, prevent and respond to fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical issues;


  • Complying with legal obligations;


  • Complying with lawful requests for information, including but not limited to search warrants and subpoenas.

Because TechBroker operates a business-to-business marketplace and public communication forums, personal information may be publicly displayed in directories, product listings, community forums, and XML data feeds.  TechBroker has no control over re-display or re-posting of such information by others.

TechBroker also may disclose personal information to third party vendors when necessary to operate its business, such as for purpose of maintaining TechBroker’s computer system.  Disclosures to third parties are limited to only that information necessary for the third party to provide services to TechBroker.  Please note that credit card processing is handled by a third party credit card processor.  TechBroker does not have access to or process credit card information. 


Retention of Personal Information

TechBroker’s business to business services are built on trust.  TechBroker believes that the best way to develop and maintain such trust is to maintain transparency relating to historical activity on TechBroker’s site.  Thus, consistent with applicable law, TechBroker generally maintains records of transactions and communications on the site – including related personal information –  indefinitely unless it receives a valid request to remove such information and TechBroker determines that such removal request will not unduly impair the legitimate interests of TechBroker or other TechBroker members.  (See Exercising Your Data Protection Rights, below).


User Control Over Personal Information

TechBroker provides robust tools that allow individuals to limit the amount of information shared on the TechBroker Site.  Users who wish to limit the amount of personal information disclosed on the site may do so by accessing and changing account permissions, which is located at

In addition, users who wish to limit the amount of personal information disclosed on the site may do so, by providing only information necessary to conduct business on the site.  For example, it is possible to conduct business on the site solely through a company name or pseudonym (e.g., “sales”).  Required data fields are shown at the time of collection on the site.

If you have voluntarily provided information to TechBroker or otherwise consented to the collection of such information, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

From time to time, a user may publish information about another person in a communication forum or other location on the site.  A user who objects to such a posting may request that the posting be removed.  TechBroker will comply with such request as long as the request for removal does not unduly impair the legitimate interests of TechBroker or another user of the site.  (See Exercising Your Data Protection Rights, below).


Exercising Your Data Protection Rights

TechBroker supports common internationally-recognized data subject rights to control personal information.

Upon confirmation of a data subject’s identity to TechBroker’s reasonable satisfaction, TechBroker will assist an individual in exercising applicable data subject rights.  Please note, however, that these data subject rights are not unlimited and must be balanced against other applicable rights, interests and obligations of TechBroker and other TechBroker members and users, as allowed pursuant to applicable law. 

  • Right to Access Personal Information.A data subject may request that TechBroker provide access to personal information about the data subject.Unless a legally binding exception applies, TechBroker will provide the data subject with access to his/her personal information within a reasonable period of time.Depending on the nature and frequency of access requests, TechBroker may charge no fee or a reasonable fee to respond to a data subject request, as allowed by applicable law.


  • Right to Correct or Update Personal Information.TechBroker provides automated tools that allow data subjects to correct or update certain personal information, including contact information and other details in their member/user profile.TechBroker will work with data subjects to correct or update other personal information, unless such correction or update is not allowed under applicable law.


  • Right to Erasure.As a business-to-business service that facilitates commercial transactions and community forums, the right to erasure of personal information held by TechBroker is limited.In many cases, the information held by TechBroker must be preserved for contractual and/or legal requirements applicable to TechBroker and/or TechBroker’s users/members.Despite these limitations, TechBroker will work with data subjects wherever possible to assist in the exercise of the right to erasure, as long as such erasure does not unduly impair the rights of others.


  • Right to Object, Restrict, or Withdraw Consent.Data subjects have the right to contact TechBroker to object to, request restriction of, or withdraw consent to processing.TechBroker will honor such requests as long as the request does not impair the rights of another party, including TechBroker, under applicable law.TechBroker also may refuse the request, if required under applicable law.


  • Right to Data Portability.Wherever technically possible and legally allowed, TechBroker will provide data subjects with their information in a reasonable machine-readable format.

To make a request to exercise data subject rights, TechBroker recommends that you print out and mail a Request Form with supporting documentation to the following address:

PO Box 5166
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

Attn: Privacy

If you are unable or unwilling to mail your request, you may also submit your request via email to or you can call (518) 885-8890.


Security Measures

TechBroker uses commercially reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal information provided to or collected by TechBroker.  No security measures are 100% secure, however, and it is the member and/or user’s responsibility to share only that information that is necessary for the member and/or user to transact business with TechBroker and/or use TechBroker’s services that the member and/or user wishes to use.

Links to Other Sites

From time-to-time, TechBroker or TechBroker members and users may make links to other websites available on the TechBroker website.  Linked sites are not under TechBroker’s control and TechBroker is not responsible for those sites, including their privacy practices.  TechBroker recommends that users examine the privacy practices of linked sites before using those sites or providing any personal information on those sites.

Information about Children under the Age of 16

TechBroker’s products and services, including use of TechBroker’s website, is not intended for anyone under the age of 16.  If you are younger than 16, you may not use TechBroker’s website or provide any information to TechBroker.  If you are aware that a person under the age of 16 is using TechBroker’s website, please contact TechBroker at and TechBroker will take appropriate steps, as necessary, to remove personal information of such individual (or obtain appropriate consent to processing).

To Contact TechBroker

If you have a question regarding this privacy policy, wish to exercise your data subject rights, or make a complaint regarding our privacy practices, you may contact us at:

Via mail to:

PO Box 5166
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

Via email to:

Via telephone: (518) 885-8890

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.  In the event that we believe it will take longer than ten (10) working days to address your inquiry, request or complaint, we will contact you and provide you an estimate of how long it will take to address your inquiry, request or complaint.

If you are in the European Union, you can file a complaint with your local Data Protection Authority (“DPA”).  The current list of DPAs is maintained at