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WTB: Used Computers Storage Hard Drive
500 Western Digital any
WTB: 100-500 of any of the following SATA tested/working Hard DrivesOur target prices are below.If you can meet these price points, send us an invoice and we will immediately process it or call and we  will cut a P/O and pay you while we are on the phone.2.5 SATA Solid State Drives (No mSATA and M.2)64 gb   All Brands $ 2.5080 gb   All Brands $ 2.50100gb   All Brands $ 2.50120gb   All Brands $ 5.00128gb   All Brands $ 8.00160gb   All Brands $13.50180gb   All Brands $12.25200gb   All Brands $13.50240gb   All Brands $15.25250gb   All Brands $13.50256gb   All Brands $18.00320gb   All Brands $18.00400gb   All Brands $22.50480gb   All Brands $22.50500gb   All Brands $22.50512gb   All Brands $27.50600gb   All Brands $37.00750gb   All Brands $37.00800gb   All Brands $37.00960gb   All Brands $46.001 TB    All Brands $46.001.6 TB  All Brands $114.002.0 TB  All Brands $115.002.5 inch SATA Hard Drives250gb   All Brands $1.50320gb   All Brands $2.50400gb   All Brands $2.50500gb   All Brands $7.00640gb   All Brands $7.00750gb   All Brands $4.501TB     All Brands $18.002TB     All Brands $22.003.5 inch SATA Hard Drives160gb All Brands   $0.50200gb All Brands   $0.50250gb SATA ST/WD   $1.50320gb Other Brands $2.50320gb SATA ST/WD   $2.50400gb Other Brands $2.50400gb SATA ST/WD   $2.50500gb Other Brands $3.00500gb All Brands   $3.00640gb SATA ST/WD   $3.00750gb Other Brands $3.00750gb SATA ST/WD   $3.001 tb  Other Brands $9.001 tb  All Brands   $9.001.5tb SATA ST/WD   $7.002tb   Other Brands $16.002tb   All Brands   $16.003tb   All Brands   $14.504tb   All Brands   $32.005tb   All Brands   $41.006tb   All Brands   $51.00Dave VexlerUS Refurbishers501 W. 184th St Suite 1FNY NY 10033(646)
WTS: Refurbished Computers Laptop Complete Laptop/Notebook
300 Acer Inc. NX.G55AA.005
300+ units Acer Chromebook R11 C738T-C44Z 11.6" Touch (4GB) Black Fully Functional Minor Wear2-in-1 360 hinge. Compatible with Google Play Store, auto OS updates good until 2021. Includes Adapter. 
WTS: Bulk Mixed Lot
WTS: Best Buy Excess StockWe have in our facility 5000+ pieces of product that were taken off Best Buy’s shelves to make room for pre-Christmas stock.There are a variety of products, below are a few of the product categories and many more categories:Android and iPhone cases and other smart phone accessoriesComputer Security LocksCharging cablesGamesNintendo and Super Mario ProductsNumerous Toys including many South Park itemsThese are not in-store returns.All this product is brand new in its original retail packaging and with all user manuals.We welcome inspections so you can get a good feel of the products.Many representative pictures are available upon request.Dave VexlerUS RefurbishersNY NY 10033(646) 775-2701skype IM:
WTS: Used Computers Desktop/PC Video Card, Server Video Card
150 MSI rx470
WTS: 150 MSI VGA Card rx470 8Gb High End CardsInspections are welcome. 30 Day WarrantyFOB: Dubai so perfect for traders that specialize in the Middle Eastern, African, and Asian markets.Target: $120.00 obo.Dave VexlerUS RefurbishersNY NY 10033(646) 775-2701skype IM:
WTB: Used Computers Desktop/PC Video Card, Server Video Card
2500 NVIDIA any
WTB: 500-2500 1GB-8GB VGA Cards.As these cards come in numerous varieties, tell us the brand and model #’s that are available to you and your target.We will be back to you in a timely manner accepting your offer or giving you our counter offer.Dave VexlerUS RefurbishersNY NY 10033(646) 775-2701skype IM:
WTB: ASIS Computers Storage Hard Drive
10000 Western Digital any
WTB: 1000-10000 As Is 3.5" & 2.5" Hard DrivesIe. Product with Drill holes or crushed product not acceptable.We pay $1.00 ea for 3.5” drives and $1.00/lb. for 2.5” drives.Deb VexlerUS Refurbishers Co.NY NY 10033(646) 775-2701sales@usrefurbishers.comSkype IM: usrefurbishers
WTB: Used Computers Desktop/PC Whole System
200 Dell Computer any
WTB: 200 Dell 9030 All-In-One Monitor Stands.If you have this product or access to it, please provide pricing, quantity, and availability.Dave VexlerUS RefurbishersNY NY 10033(646) 775-2701skype IM:
WTS: Bulk Mixed Lot
WTS: Retail Product Store Returns         90%+ are in retail boxes as the original retail store  won’t take it back w/o a box from the retail consumer.We have sold numerous lots similar to this (not on the sites) and our experience is that 80%-95% working as most returns are buyer’s remorse, or don’t know how to use the product.Spreadsheet available upon request listing each item.Listed below are some examples of the products in this lot, there are many additional categories as well.Inspections are welcome in our Wisconsin warehouse.Air FryersCeiling FixturesCrock PotsElectric KettlesFlat IronsFloor LampsHeatersHome Security SystemsInstant Pots (combo Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Fryer)Jump StartersKohler FaucetsLampsLED LanternsLighted MirrorsMassagersMr. Coffee Coffee MakersOster OvensOutdoor LED’sPathway LightsPressure CookersPrintersRoombas (I have 4 of these in my home, they are great)Rope LightsSewing MachinesSound BarsTower FansVanity MirrorsWatchesDave VexlerUS RefurbishersNY NY 10033(646) 775-2701skype IM:
WTS: Used Computers Printer Printer
1 Canon IPF8400
Hello!We have one (1) Canon IPF844 Plotter in stock available for sale currently. 
WTS: Refurbished Computers Server Power Supply
45 Dell Computer 06W6M1

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